Excellence is a way of life.

The word excellence has a profound meaning in it and it invites pride enormously. I often find myself reading and re-reading all my notes and emails just to ensure that the same is presented well. Even a simple format that I make for my team goes for several corrections and filter for perfection within myself.Continue reading “Excellence is a way of life.”

Manage People as you Manage Business

In a recent reading, I happen to come across a phrase: “Manage people as you manage business”. It’s quite interesting to contemplate on why many leaders fail in managing their people with the same passion that they have in managing their business results. It’s a fact that, if one manages their money as carelessly as theyContinue reading “Manage People as you Manage Business”

Winning over “Scarcity of Generosity”!!!

Last week I sprawled over this beautiful phrase- “scarcity of generosity”. I have been thinking of this for a while now and it does have a deep meaning entwined in it. Is generosity a scarce gesture that we see around always? We see there is a huge vacuum of this every day, in the people aroundContinue reading “Winning over “Scarcity of Generosity”!!!”

Do you manage change or inspire people? 

Change Management is an interesting topic that runs around in a corporate circle. Many portents it with managing change that happens at an organizational level. I have had the chance to know more of this phrase through a close friend of mine who was involved in change management project of a whole province in India whereContinue reading “Do you manage change or inspire people? “