Tips to prepare for remote interviews

Get your space done

Remote interviews like Zoom interview or like are here to stay. This is now the new normal and you will be hired over remote interviews often. It is important to shape the new you for the new style of hiring and hence be prepared for being interviewed from home. There are a few things that you can be conscious of while attending interviews online.

Make sure your space is clean, neat and clutter free. Make sure you have a serene space and not a space where members of the family walks past or your dog comes and plays with you. Check if the background is clean and not distractive. Lighting on you shall be balanced so that you are seen clean by the interviewer. Keep your TV, Phones etc on silent mode while the chat is on.

  • Technical Checks

Make sure your internet is working and speed is reasonably good for an uninterrupted conversation. Click on the mode whether it is Zoom, Microsoft Team or like and check the audio and videos using the test feature. Most of these do have test feature.

  • Keep space for notes

Keep some notes handy for you to take down notes. It shows unpreparedness when you have to search for a piece of paper and pen in the middle of interview.

  • Posture

Get yourself a nice upright chair where you can sit with confidence. Avoid sofa, sloppy chairs, cushions etc. which drains your energy as it takes you to a lazy mode. Use hand gestures while talking and look straight to the person on camera and do not look elsewhere.

  • Refreshments

All what you can keep with yourself is a glass of water. Do not get your snacks box for the chat.

  • Appearance

Though it is a home-based chat, dress yourself nicely as this is a professional hiring session. Even if it is not with make up and professional attire, a formal attire is always presentable.

Never take these chats casually as this is no different from that of a personal interview. Here, the comfort of home is a positive factor for you to be at ease and express yourself more confidently. However, professional approach, gestures, courtesy, confidence etc. are of key importance when it comes to virtual interview as well.

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