Embrace Success in your life always

When things happen to you or when you are subjected to various events around you, what determines your success is:

  1. See it as it is and not worse than it is

Most often we are in situations where we think how bad it is and how worse it is. We tend to be negative all the time when things happen to us in life, be it a relationship issue, wealth issue, work issue, health issue. Haven’t you noticed that this is the way our mind is tuned to. This is because the mind is conditioned to think that way unfortunately. This obviously has to do with the social circumstances.

The way to success is to see it as is. Next time when a situation happens, remember to see it as is. It is as is and it is not worse than it is. Worse is something that you have pictured in your mind. The reality is that the situation is as is. So block the mind, break the pattern of your mind’s thinking and see it as is.

Cut off the tendency to see it not as is but worse than it is. Seeing the Truth is important that the truth will set you free. Else you are entangled in an imaginary World that is not sustainable.

  • See it better than it is.

This is the second success principle that you can master at. When things go wrong or things happen to you, at first see it as is. Then immediately switch to look at it as how better it can be.

Every situation can be watched , felt , perceived as is and not worse than is , if we break the pattern of our brains. Breaking is easy as you understand this principle.

Once you have seen as is , then see it that it can be better. This way of looking at things happen when we are tuned to positive thoughts and when we know this simple success principle.

You have lost a job. See this as is. Yes, you have lost the job. It is not worse than it is. It is not the end of the World. See it better than it is by feeling that this is the time to embrace change and play full out to get the next one. See it that it is better because it will now open a new chapter for you.

  • Make it the way you would like to see it.

This is an action phase. This success principle is attainable after you take your mind through the first two.

Once you see it as is, see it better than it is, then you are on a pedestal to take off to action. This is a momentum creator. This is a catapult. Make the situation the way you would like to see it. Here comes the focused action rather than a miserable mindset.

Success is 80 % psychology and 20 % strategy or mechanics.

Binu Prasad


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