Hospitality is Not an education but a Mindset

It was a Thursday evening, Jane and Tom were famished after a day’s long work and all that they could get their hands on for a quick food was a simple home style food from a neighborhood restaurant. Jane reached to her phone and immediately ordered their favorite food and a the usual sweet that they crave from this place.

Food arrived and in the blindness of hunger, they hit the package and relished the delicacies of the place. The delivery boy was quick and very humble and polite. A few minutes later, Jane realized that the sweet that they ordered is not there.

She grabbed the bill and checked if she had been billed for it and to her surprise, it was not in the bill. Thinking that the restaurant might have forgotten to add this, they called up the restaurant and unfortunately, the kitchen was closed and everyone left. The Manager apologized for the mistake. Jane with an understanding told them not to worry and its alright as such things do happen.

Next day morning at 7.30 am, door bell rings and to their surprise, here is the boy from the restaurant with two bowls full of the same sweet that Jane wanted. Jane couldn’t believe her eyes and said to the delivery boy, this was not necessary and she was Ok without it. The boy said, Madam, it was our mistake and you slept off without eating the sweet and this is from all of us for you. What a brilliant gesture?  

What a heartwarming mindset on service? Interestingly, no one taught them these, No education on hospitality. The manager or even the team there had not had any formal hospitality education that many youngsters of these days have an opportunity to.

The service mindset and hospitality that they have in them is taught truly by the inner spirit inside them, inside their blood, inside their heart. What comes out naturally can’t be taught in a school. Feeling for your customer and care for your customer is not something that need to be taught, but has to come naturally.

To experience service from heart, you have to visit smaller neighborhood restaurants and if it’s filled with people who care, you can feel the vibes in it as soon as you step in there. This is something which many five-star hotels and like need to learn and imbibe. 

In addition to wisdom, faith, Knowledge, Healing, serving , hospitality is a spiritual gift.

Interestingly, Holy Bible talks of this in Peter 4:9-10: Show hospitality to one another without grumbling. As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s Varied Grace.

Hospitality is not an education, but a mindset indeed.

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