Do you manage change or inspire people? 

Change Management is an interesting topic that runs around in a corporate circle. Many portents it with managing change that happens at an organizational level. I have had the chance to know more of this phrase through a close friend of mine who was involved in change management project of a whole province in India whereContinue reading “Do you manage change or inspire people? “

Importance of the word “Thank You”

Ever wondered why this phrase “Thank You was coined”? Coming to think about it, it’s an amazing invention in the language of English. It has crossed geographical boundaries and captured the tongues of the world. I was on my way to Dubai from Abu Dhabi and I just cannot sit idling by nature. As usualContinue reading “Importance of the word “Thank You””

People NOT just leave Managers

The Authors Curt Coffman and Marcus Buckingham would have said “people leave managers not companies”. Well, this would have perhaps been spoken many a times by many and still many out there may be echoing this axiom. I have been blessed to critically think of this from my wonderful learning experience at some of theContinue reading “People NOT just leave Managers”

“Best Practice” – A phrase to ponder!!!

I kept hearing the phrase “Best Practice” through my career journey. I worked for a high-end luxury hotel in India where I first lurched on this amazing phrase. It never rung any surprise nor any doubt on what the heck it meant as you are tuned to think everything that happens in a five-star hotel whereContinue reading ““Best Practice” – A phrase to ponder!!!”